Workplan | purenano-h2020

WP 1

Management & Coordination.

Management & Coordination

The overall administration structure for effective project management and coordination is established in this WP. 
Deliverables (D1.1-1.3)  POLIMI

WP 2

Generation of Specifications & Requirements.

Generation of Specifications & Requirements

The objective of this WP is to generate data on the overall specifications and requirements of the materials and components that will be developed as well as of the overall demonstration activities. 

Deliverables (D2.1-2.4)


WP 5

Integration of purification system and safe disposal of MNPs.

Integration of purification system and safe disposal of MNPs

This WP targets to the development of a sub-assembly system (module) that can be used for a further demonstration and validation of the proposed process in an industrial environment. 

Deliverables (D5.1-5.8)


WP 3

Magnetic NPs development.

Magnetic NPs development

Activities within this WP are focused to the first step of MNPs production at the pilot plant as well as their surface functionalization. 

Deliverables (D3.1-3.4)


WP 6

Demonstration activities.

Demonstration activities

The overall objective of this WP is to demonstrate and validate the use of functionalized MNPs in the purification process. 

Deliverables (D6.1-6.4)

 Creative Nano

WP 4

Functionalization of MNPs.

Functionalization of MNPs

The objective of this WP is the development of suitable surface modification method
for MNPs to enhance their affinity to capture metallic and organic impurities within plating baths. 
Deliverables (D4.1-4.3)


WP 7

Industrial implementation issues.

Industrial implementation issues

The WP is focused on the environmental monitoring, recycling, and cost analysis of the introduction of the developed materials and processes during the PureNano project. 

Deliverables (D7.1-7.9)


WP 8


Life Cycle and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

In order to quantify environmental and economic impacts of the new developed products and processes, life cycle cost (LCC) and life cycle analysis (LCA)will be addressed in relation to the new technologies. LCC analysis will be used to evaluate the economic competitiveness of the PureNnano technology in the market. 

Deliverables (D8.1-8.3)


WP 9

Dissemination & Exploitation.

Dissemination & Exploitation

The aim of this WP is to exploit and disseminate appropriate information to raise awareness about the possible adaptation of the technology to other fields related to magnetic nanoparticles and recyclable electrolytes. 

Deliverables (D9.1-9.5)


WP 10

Ethics requirements.

Ethics requirements

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package. 

Deliverables (D10.1-10.2)